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  • Modelo / Serial
    GEN11, all serials.
  • Descripción del producto
    The scalpel system is indicated for soft tissue incisions, when a control of the hemorrhage and a minimal thermal injury is desired. The system can be used as an assistant or substitute for electrosurgery, laser and steel scalpel, in general interventions, pediatric plastic, gynecological, exposure to orthopedic structures, open and endoscopic interventions. Approve to extend the indication, for the reference HARMONIC FOCUS CURVED SHEARS to otolaryngological processes (ORL), thus: the curved scissors HARMONIC FOCUS are indicated for soft tissue incisions when you want to control the bleeding and minimal thermal injuries. The instruments can be used as a complement or substitute for electrosurgery, laser and scalpel in general, otorhinolaryngological structures (ENT), aesthetic, pediatric, gynecological, urological, exposure to orthopedic structures (such as spinal cord and joint space) and other open procedures.