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  • Modelo / Serial
    BRIVO OEC 715, BRIVO OEC 785 and BRIVO OEC 865, specific serials.
  • Descripción del producto
    X-ray systems or "mobile arcs in C" are general-purpose diagnostic equipment, with mobility around the operation or examination table, based on x-ray technology that allows: obtaining and / or recording of fixed images (conventional radiography and digital) of internal body structures by exposing a part of the body to a small dose of x-ray radiation; obtaining and / or recording moving images in real time (continuous, pulse or snapshot fluoroscopy) and taking video of the patient's internal structures as support for diagnostic, surgical procedures and intervention procedures. These equipments are designed to visualize anatomical structures converting a radiation pattern x into a visible image through electronic amplification. Clinical applications include, but are not limited to, the following: cholangiography, endoscopy, urology, orthopedics, vascular and cardiac neurology including implantation of heart rate management devices, calculus localization, thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal tract investigations, vessel angiography of legs, heart and brain, and can be used for other imaging applications at the doctor's discretion.