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    AFFINIT FOUR obstetric beds are intended to be used as delivery beds for pregnant women with LDR (dilation, delivery and recovery) or LDRP (dilation, delivery, recoveryTOTALCAR are systems that offer support for patients perfectly adapted to hospital environments. care units and intensive care, medical-surgical care, post-anesthesia care unit and emergency rooms, among others The PROGRESSA bed is designed for the prevention or treatment of pulmonary complications or other complications associated with immobility, for the treatment or prevention of ulcers by pressure, or for any other use where medical benefits can be obtained from continuous lateral rotation therapy or rotation / percussion therapy.
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    Multirall 200 and cart S65
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    GOLVO: is a versatile crane, designed for use in most lifting situations. LIKORALL: it is a roof motor, it is designed and developed for LIKO's complete range of stationary or fixed-lift systems. MULTIRALL 200: is a crane easily without compromising safety and functionality. It is used to transfer from room to room. ROLLON: stand-up support team, which has been developed to perform safe transfers from and to the position of the seated patient. It is designed for patients with great difficulty in walking and good strength in the arms and ability to carry their weight on the legs. SABINA 200 designed for people with difficulty to stand up for simismas from a sitting position. SABINA II: designed for people with difficulty standing up on their own from a sitting position. UNO 102: is a mobile crane with lifting and lowering of the lifting arm. Its use is in post-acute care centers such as nursing homes and other assistance centers. VIKING XS / S / M / L / XL: these are two models of flexible mobile cranes that are excellent for confined space environments. They are used for common elevations FREESPAN SR: autonomous lifting system designed for use together with MULTIRALL crane units.

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