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    The RAPIDPOINT 400/405 instruments are analyzers for electrolyte and arterial gas tests at the patient's bedside by electrochemistry. Use samples of blood or capillary. It reports the values of PH, PCO2, PO2, HCO3-, CTCO2; CO-OXI, BE (ECF), O2SAT, O2CT, PO2 (AA), PO2 (A / A), FO2HB, FMETHB and FCOHB for gasessanguinean and electrolyte analysis Na +, K +, Ca ++, Cl-, Li +, glucose, lactate , HCT and HB. It is in a system designed for critical patients in surgery, uci and emergencies that reports the values of the tests and communicates the results of the patient's clinics. The reagents used with the RAPIDPOINT equipment have their respective health records.