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    Lot Numbers: H0705J (I-Flow Lots 17055 and 17054) and H0706J (I-Flow Lot 17054). Expiration date: 11/1/2008.
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    Nationwide distribution -- DE, FL, KY, OR, IN, TX, NV, MT, CA and NY.
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    ON-Q Silver Dressing is a Antimicrobial wound dressing containing silver. It is individually wrapped in a foil pouch. Each pouch contains 1 single use 4" x 4.5" pad. There are 5 pouches per box. Ref: SD4X4.5; Part Number: IF-151023 and IF-151026. || The product is labeled in parts: "***5 DRESSINGS***4 X 4.5 INCHES***REF SD4X4.5***PART NO. 5001826***ON-Q SilverDressing is a silver containing adhesive transparent polyurethane film for fixation and securement of devices to the skin as a primary contact sound dressing***MANUFACTURED BY ACRYMED***DISTRIBUTED BY I-FLOW***AcryMed, Inc Beaverton, OR 97008***". || Intended for use in securing devices such as catheters to the skin. Also intended for use as a primary or secondary cover wound dressing on surgical incision sites.