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    Lot 20001814; Exp. February 28,2012
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    Nationwide Distribution including : PA, OH, MO, CA, TX, FL, MA, MD, KY, OH, MI, NJ, and WA.
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    Bio Rad brand D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program Reorder Pack, which contains Update Kit D-10 A1c Program Diskette; || Model Numbers: 220-0101 (Reorder Pack); 220-0115 (Program Diskette); Distributed and manufactured by: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Hercules, CA || System Overview: The Bio-Rad D-10 Hemoglobin Testing System provides an integrated method for the separation and determination of the relative percent of specific hemoglobins (e.g., A2, F, A1 c) in whole blood. The separation is based on the principles of high performance liquid chromatography. Technology Overview: The D-10 Hemoglobin Testing System is a single module designed for hemoglobin analysis in mid-volume laboratories. The D-10 is a fully integrated system for sample dilution, processing and analysis of hemoglobin, designed for use with specific Bio-Rad reagent kits. The D-1 0 incorporates the use of a dedicated software system for instrument control, data collection and analysis. The D-10 Software performs reduction of raw data collected from each analysis. Reagent Kit Information: The D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program utilizes principles of ion-exchange High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The D-10 Hemoglobin Ale Program is based on chromatographic separation of HbA1c on a cation exchange cartridge. The Bio-Rad D-10 Hemoglobin Ale Program is intended for the percent determination of hemoglobin A1 c in human whole blood using ion-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The Bio-Rad D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program is intended for Professional Use Only. The D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program is for use only with the Bio-Rad D-10 Hemoglobin Testing System.