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    Lot 061013, Exp 2016/06; Lot 073013, Exp. 2016/07; Lot 071614, Exp. 2017/07.
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    Worldwide Distrinution - US Nationwide in the states of TX, WI, MO, WV, SC, MA, WA, TN, AZ, CA, IL, NY, LA and countries of Kuwait, India, Venezuela, New Zealand, Turkey, Uruguay.
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    MUM-1 (Multiple myeloma oncogene-1), catalog number PRM352 AA; || Product Usage: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. This antibody may be used as a tool for the identification and the sub classification of lymphoid malignancies || : || Multiple myeloma oncogene-1 (MUM-1) is a protein encoded by MUM-1 gene. MUM-1 protein is expressed in the nuclei and cytoplasm of plasma cells and a small percentage of germinal center (GC) B-cells located in the light zone. MUM-1 [BC5] labels MUM-1protein in centrocytes and their progeny, plasma cells, activated T-cells and a wide spectrum of hematolymphoid neoplasms derived from these cells. MUM-1 has been reported to play an important role in mediating B-cell activation and differentiation.

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    Biocare Medical Llc, 4040 Pike Ln, Concord CA 94520
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