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    Catalog Number: 48-0600, Lot #480109.
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    Worldwide Distribution -- United States (CA, FL, GA, MA, MO, NY, NJ, TN, TX and VA), Ontario Canada and Manitoba Canada.
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    Rabbit Kidney Culture, brand name: 'FreshCells'. The product is labeled as 'Rabbit Kidney' also known as 'Rbk' , 2-square cm area of a cell monolayer covered with 2-mL culture medium. The product is packed in glass culture tubes 16x125mm, with screw caps. The product is distributed in EPS shipping racks which can hold up to 50 tubes each. || Used routinely for in vitro diagnostic testing for virus and/or Chlamydia isolation and to aid in the diagnosis of diseases associated with infectious agents.

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    Diagnostic Hybrids Inc, 1055 E State St, Suite 100, Athens OH 45701-7911
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  • Empresa matriz del fabricante (2017)
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