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    Catalog # Lot # -- 4418080--PF02385;  PF02437;  PF02477;  PF02696;  PF02697;  PF02695;  PF02378;  PF02333;   4408080-- FP-1161;  FP-1094;  FP01176;  FP-1089;   4408081-- PF02333;   4418090-- PF02701;  PF02700;  PF02478;  PF02438;  PF02640;   4408101-- PF02335;   4418105-- PF02336;   4408111-- PF02193;   4418110-- PF02713;  PF02712;  PF02709;  PF02641;  PF02495;  PF02480;  PF02440;  PF02387;  PF02380;   4408110-- FP01175;  FP-1147;  FP-1097;  FP-1092;   4408090-- FP01179;  FP-1163;  FP-1095;  FP-1090;  271201;   4408091-- PF02192;   4418095-- PF02334;   4408100-- FP-1096;  FP-1091;  FP01178;  FP-1160;   4418100-- PF02335;  PF02707;  PF02371;  PF02379;  PF02386;  PF02439;  PF02479;  PF02703;  PF02705;  PF02706;   4418120-- PF02715;  PF02714;  PF02539;  PF02441;  PF02388;  PF02381;  PF02372;  PF02337;   4408120-- FP01177;  FP-1162;  FP-1098;  FP-1093;   4408121-- PF02337.
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    Product is manufactured at Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies Ltd. located at 3 Hasadnaot St., Herzliya 46728, Israel. Product is then distributed to the rest of the world including the U.S.A. Products enter the U.S.A. through Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. The firm''s U.S.A. importer and distributor is Disc Orthopaedic Technologies, Inc., located at 101 Interchange Plaza, Cranbury, NJ 08512. Disc Orthopaedic Technologies, Inc., then distributes the product to their Agent Principles, employees of Disc Orthopaedic Technologies, Inc., throughout the U.S.A. Each agent principle then distributes the product to their sales representative who then sells the product to customers, primarily consisting of surgeons. Product is maintained with the sales representative and is only sold to a customer on an as needed basis. Customers do not have stock of product maintained at hospitals. Hospitals are located nationwide.
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    Fixion PF (''Proximal Femur'') Hip Peg. Fixion PF Hip Pegs are manufactured in the following various lengths; 80mm, 81mm, 90mm, 91mm, 100mm, 101mm, 105mm, 110mm, 111mm, 120mm, and 121mm. The Fixion PF Hip Peg is intended for use in the fixation of proximal fractures in the femur.