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    Serial numbers: 1FX/17548/05,1GV/17548/01, 1GV/17548/02, 1GV/17548/03, 1GV/17548/04, 1GW/17549/01, 1GW/17549/02, 1GW/17549/07, 1GW/17549/08 and 1GW/17549/10.
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    Worldwide Distribution -- United States (New York and Pennsylvania), Canada, Egypt, Korea, Poland and South Africa.
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    AquaStar Water Caloric Irrigator; water caloric stimulator; Manufactured for/Distributed by Micromedical Technologies, Inc., 10 Kemp Drive, Chatham, IL 62629 USA, Instrumentation Difra, Made in Belgium. || The AquaStar water caloric irrigator delivers a precisely controlled temperature and flow rate of cool or warm water for vestibular stimulation during caloric testing. The caloric tests evaluate the viability of the horizontal semicircular canal by stimulating them with warm and cool water while the patient's eyes are closed. The resulting dizziness and nystagmus is taken as an index of the viability of the organ. The eyes are then opened to evaluate the ability of the CNS to visually suppress inappropriate dizziness and nystagmus.