Numed Inc

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    Numed Inc, 2880 Main Street /Rt 11b, Hopkinton NY 12965
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    All Impact catheters distributed between 10/01/2004 and 9/23/2009 are affected: Lot numbers IM-0843, IM-0893, IM-0894, IM-0895, IM-0896, IM-0897,  IM-0898, IM-0899, IM-0900, IM-0901, IM-0902, IM-0903, IM-0904, IM-0905,  IM-0906, IM-0907, IM-0908, IM-0909, IM-0910, IM-0914, IM-0775, IM-0788,  IM-0807, IM-0817, IM-0823, IM-0827, IM-0843, IM-0845, IM-0846, IM-0852,  IM-0857, IM-0868, IM-0869, IM-0890, IM-0891, IM-0912, IM-0915, IM-0916,  IM-0917, IM-0918, IM-0919, IM-0920, IM-0921, IM-0922, IM-0923, IM-0924, IM-0925, IM-0926, IM-0927, IM-0943, IM-0944, IM-0945, IM-0946, IM-0644, IM-0793, IM-0814, IM-0849, IM-0884, IM-0928, IM-0929, IM-0930, IM-0931, IM-0932, IM-0933, IM-0934, IM-0935, IM-0936, IM-0937, IM-0938, IM-0939, IM-0940, IM-0941, IM-0942, IM-0644, IM-0854, IM-0855, IM-0866, IM-0878, IM-0889, IM-0905, IM-0924, IM-0947, IM-0948, IM-0949, IM-0950, IM-0951, IM-0952, IM-0953, IM-0954, IM-0955, IM-0956, IM-0957, IM-0958, IM-0959, IM-0960, IM-0961, IM-0962, IM-0963, IM-0964, IM-0644, IM-0831, IM-0851,  IM-0864, IM-0876, IM-0887, IM-0902, IM-0933, IM-0935, IM-0937, IM-0965, IM-0966, IM-0967, IM-0968, IM-0969, IM-0970, IM-0971, IM-0829, IM-0895,  IM-0897, IM-0898, IM-0917, IM-0918, IM-0931, IM-0949, IM-0972, IM-0973, IM-0974, IM-0975, IM-0976, IM-0977, IM-0978, IM-0986, IM-0979, IM-0980, IM-0981, IM-0982, IM-0983, IM-0984, IM-0985, IM-0882, IM-0915, IM-0928, IM-0945, IM-0951, IM-0954, IM-0967, IM-1002, IM-1003, IM-0987, IM-0988, IM-0989, IM-0990, IM-0991, IM-0992, IM-0993, IM-0994, IM-0995, IM-0996,  IM-0997, IM-0998, IM-0999, IM-1000, IM-1001, IM-0913, IM-0941, IM-1004, IM-1005, IM-1006, IM-1007, IM-1008, IM-1009, IM-1010, IM-1011, IM-1012, IM-1013, IM-1014, IM-1015, IM-1016, IM-0926, IM-0972, IM-1017, IM-1018, IM-0963, IM-0965, IM-1019, IM-0861, IM-0896, IM-0987, IM-1004, IM-1020, IM-1021, IM-1022, IM-1023, IM-1024, IM-1025, IM-1026, IM-1029, IM-1027, IM-1028, IM-1030, IM-1031, IM-1032, IM-1033, IM-1034, IM-1035, IM-0850, IM-0877, IM-0883, IM-0896, IM-0929, IM-0952, IM-0959, IM-0969, IM-0976, IM-0980, IM-1037, IM-1038, IM-1039, IM-1040, IM-1041, IM-1042, IM-1043, IM-1044, IM-0777, IM-0790, IM-0892, IM-0909, IM-0942, IM-0988, IM-1019, IM-1021, IM-0885, IM-0907, IM-0940, IM-0957, IM-0971, IM-0977, IM-0993, IM-1028, IM-1033, IM-1054, IM-1055, IM-1056, IM-1057, IM-1058, IM-0772, IM-0826, IM-0832, IM-0865, IM-0867, IM-0871, IM-0894, IM-0911, IM-0923, IM-0939, IM-0948, IM-0970, IM-0975, IM-0991, IM-1024, IM-1059, IM-1060, IM-1061, IM-1062, IM-1063, IM-1064, IM-1065, IM-1066, IM-0899, IM-0943, IM-1045, IM-0824, IM-0955, IM-0989, IM-1026, IM-1048, IM-1050, IM-1052, IM-1049, IM-1046, IM-1047, IM-1051, IM-1053, IM-0862, IM-0875, IM-0908, IM-0914, IM-0927, IM-0944, IM-0946, IM-0973, IM-1000, IM-1013, IM-1017, IM-1020, IM-1023, IM-1031, IM-1037, IM-1045, IM-1064, IM-1065, IM-1067,  IM-1068, IM-1069, IM-1070, IM-1071, IM-1072, IM-1073, IM-1074, IM-1075, IM-0982, IM-1020, IM-1043, IM-1060, IM-1066, IM-1076, IM-1077, IM-1078,  IM-1079, IM-1080, IM-1081, IM-1082, IM-1083, IM-1084, IM-1085, IM-0919,  IM-0994, IM-1029, IM-1040, IM-1042, IM-1051, IM-1074, IM-1086, IM-1087, IM-1088, IM-1089, IM-1090, IM-1091, IM-1092, IM-1093, IM-1094, IM-1095,  IM-1096, IM-1097, IM-1032, IM-1038, IM-1039, IM-1048, IM-1056, IM-1098, IM-1099, IM-1100, IM-1101, IM-1102, IM-1103, IM-1104, IM-1105, IM-1106, IM-1107, IM-1108, IM-0784, IM-1049, IM-1062, IM-1071, IM-1081, IM-1109, IM-1110, IM-1111, IM-1113, IM-1114, IM-1115, IM-1116, IM-1117, IM-1112, IM-1050, IM-1069, IM-1079, IM-1094, IM-1118, IM-1119, IM-1120, IM-1121, IM-1122, IM-1123, IM-1124, IM-1125, IM-1126, IM-1002, IM-1006, IM-1022, IM-1054, IM-1067, IM-1082, IM-1087, IM-1089, IM-1099, IM-1100, IM-1109, IM-1137, IM-1127, IM-1128, IM-1129, IM-1131, IM-1132, IM-1133, IM-1134,  IM-1135, IM-1136, IM-0932, IM-1046, IM-1092, IM-1100, IM-1110, IM-1138, IM-1139, IM-1140, IM-1141, IM-1142, IM-1143, IM-1144, IM-1145, IM-1146, IM-0932, IM-1096, IM-1101, IM-1105, IM-1107, IM-1113, IM-1120, IM-1124, IM-1127, IM-1147, IM-1148, IM-1149, IM-1150, IM-1151, IM-1152, IM-1153,  IM-1154, IM-1155, IM-1156, IM-1157, IM-0886, IM-0903, IM-0936, IM-0985, IM-1044, IM-1112, IM-1116, IM-1126, IM-1159, IM-1158, IM-1160, IM-1161, IM-1162, IM-1163, IM-1164, IM-1068, IM-1090, IM-1025, IM-1149, IM-1161,  IM-1165, IM-1166, IM-1167, IM-1168, IM-1169, IM-1170, IM-1171, IM-1172, IM-0968, IM-1009, IM-1080, IM-1159, IM-1174, IM-0981, IM-1102, IM-1132, IM-1142, IM-1155, IM-1173, IM-1175, IM-1176, IM-1177, IM-1178, IM-1179, IM-1180, IM-1186, IM-0958, IM-0960, IM-0983, IM-0999, IM-1063, IM-1111, IM-1153, IM-1160, IM-1168, IM-1179, IM-1181, IM-1182, IM-1183, IM-1184, IM-1185, IM-1187, IM-1188, IM-1189, IM-1190, IM-1191, IM-1192, IM-1193, IM-1194, IM-1195, IM-1196, IM-1197, IM-1198, IM-1199, IM-1200, IM-1201, IM-1156, IM-1164, IM-1174, IM-1182, IM-1202, IM-1203, IM-1204, IM-1205, IM-1206, IM-1207, IM-1208, IM-1063, IM-1070, IM-1121, IM-1123, IM-1151, IM-1162, IM-1186, IM-1188, IM-1209, IM-1210, IM-1211, IM-1212, IM-1213, IM-1115, IM-1141, IM-1171, IM-1199, IM-1205, IM-1206, IM-1218, IM-1016, IM-1157, IM-1171, IM-1172, IM-1192, IM-1213, IM-1222, IM-1214, IM-1215, IM-1216, IM-1217, IM-1219, IM-1220, IM-1221, IM-1230, IM-1231, IM-1018, IM-1167, IM-1169, IM-1184, IM-1198, IM-1218, IM-1232, IM-1233, IM-1223, IM-1224, IM-1225, IM-1226, IM-1227, IM-1228, IM-1229, IM-1246, IM-1234, IM-1235, IM-1236, IM-1238, IM-1086, IM-1098, IM-1195, IM-1204, IM-1214,  IM-1217, IM-1219, IM-1248, IM-1237, IM-1239, IM-1240, IM-1241, IM-1242, IM-1243, IM-1244, IM-1245, IM-1247, IM-1057, IM-1178, IM-1196, IM-1216, IM-1223, IM-1233, IM-1249, IM-1250, IM-1251, IM-1252, IM-1253, IM-1254, IM-1255, IM-1256, IM-1114, IM-1143, IM-1200, IM-1208, IM-1228, IM-1229, IM-1244, IM-1254, IM-1255, IM-1257, IM-1258, IM-1259, IM-1260, IM-1261, IM-1262, IM-1263, IM-1264, IM-1264, IM-1266, IM-1267, IM-1268, IM-1269, IM-1270, IM-1271, IM-1272, IM-1190, IM-1252, IM-1273, IM-1279, IM-1061, IM-1122, IM-1211, IM-1227, IM-1236, IM-1238, IM-1242, 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IM-1352, IM-1353, IM-1354, IM-1355, IM-1356, IM-1357, IM-1358, IM-1360, IM-1361, IM-1362, IM-1359, IM-1363, IM1364, IM-1158, IM-1165, IM-1215, IM-1240, IM-1277, IM-1283, IM-1365, IM-1366, IM-1367, IM-1281, IM-1299, IM-1307, IM-1323, IM-1328, IM-1331, IM-1335, IM-1340, IM-1346, IM-1349, IM-1354, IM-1358, IM-1368, IM-1369, IM-1370, IM-1371, IM-1372, IM-1191, IM-1239, IM-1246, IM-1275, IM-1278, IM-1280, IM-1291, IM-1310, IM-1324, IM-1373, IM-1374, IM-1375, IM-1376, IM-1298, IM-1312, IM-1363, IM-1377, IM-1378, IM-1379, IM-1380, IM-1381, IM-1382, IM-1383, IM-1285, IM-1304, IM-1341, IM-1355, IM-1364,  IM-1367, IM-1376, IM-1384, IM-1385, IM-1386, IM-1387, IM-1255, IM-1257, IM-1266, IM-1274, IM-1301, IM-1338, IM-1348, IM-1363, IM-1385, IM-1388, IM-1389, IM-1390, IM-1391, IM-1392, IM-1393, IM-1394, IM-1308, IM-1320, IM-1347, IM-1359, IM-1395, IM-1396, IM-1397, IM-1398, IM-1399, IM-1400, IM-1401, IM-1290, IM-1333, IM-1402, IM-1403, IM-1404, IM-1405, IM-1406, IM-1407, IM-1408, IM-1337, IM-1350, 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    One distributor in Pennsylvania
  • Descripción del producto
    IMPACT Catheters, Balloon Dilatation and Esophageal Dilatation Catheter, Model Number 307, STERILE, Rx only || --- Common/Usual Name: PTA and Esophageal Catheter || --- Manufactured for: B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc., 824 Twelfth Avenue Bethlehem, PA18018 || --- Manufactured by: NuMED, Inc. 2880 Main Street, Hopkinton, NY 12965 || --- The Impact catheter is packaged in a straight sheath and then heat sealed in two Tyvek pouches. The inner pouch is the one that is deteriorating when exposed to the sunlight. The outer pouch retains its seal so the sterility is not compromised. || --- 510 K931009 - Device Listing #D003206 and 510 K983373 - Device Listing # D003212, Class II device.

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  • Dirección del fabricante
    Numed Inc, 2880 Main Street/Rt 11b, Hopkinton NY 12965
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