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Un dispositivo en la base de datos

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    F1112702UA, F1113101UA, F1113103UA, F1113104UA, F1113401UA, F1114201UA, F1114617UA, F1114618UA, F1114619UA, F1114620UA, F1114621UA, F1114623UA, F1114624UA, F1114625UA, F1114626UA, F1114627UA, F1114628UA, F1114629UA, F1115402UA, F1116306UA, F1117207UA, F1119201UA, F1119401UA, F1121304UA, F1123201UA, F1123405UA, F1123703UA, F1124202UA, F1124301UA, F1125105UA, F1125201UA, F1127303UA, F1128101UA, F1129701UA, F1130202UA, F1130304UA, F1128301UA, F1127103UA, F1127205UA,
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.
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    AR ManoShield, MSS-3599, 10 pack. || FGS: MSS-3599, || Individual package label: LBL-110275-03, || Box label: LBL-110282-03, || Package Inserts: DOC-3682, || User Manual: DOC-1332-12. || Product Usage: The MVS disposable sheath (a.k.a. ManoShield) for the high-resolution MVS catheter is designed to provide a biocompatible barrier between the catheter and patient.