Skeletal Dynamics

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    Cat #s: ALN-RST-0700, ALN-RST-0702, ALN-RST-0704, ALN-RST-0706, ALN-RST-0708, ALN-RST-0800, ALN-RST-0802, ALN-RST-0802, ALN-RST-0804, ALN-RST-0806, ALN-RST-0808, ALN-RST-0900, ALN-RST-0902, ALN-RST-0904, ALN-RST-0906, ALN-RST-0908, ALN-RST-1000, ALN-RST-1002,  ALN-RST-1004, ALN-RST-1006, ALN-RST-1008, ALN-RST-1100, ALN-RST-1102, ALN-RST-1104, ALN-RST-1106, ALN-RST-1108; Lot #s: AN0610023, AN0212065, AN0913033, AN0913034, AN0610024, AN0913035, AN0913036, AN0610025, AN0913037, AN0913038, AN0610026,  AN0913039, AN0913040, AN0610027, AN0913041, AN0913042, AN0610028, AN0212066, AN0913043,  AN0913044, AN0610029, AN0913045, AN0913046,  AN0610030, AN0913047, AN0913048, AN0610031,  AN0913049, AN0913050, AN0610032, AN0913051,  AN0913052, AN0610033, AN0212067, AN0913053, AN0913054, AN0610034, AN0913055, AN0913056, AN0610035, AN0913057, AN0913058, AN0610036,  AN0913059, AN0913060, AN0610037, AN0913061,  AN0913062, AN0610038, AN0212068, AN0913063, AN0913064, AN0610039, AN0212069, AN0913065, AN0913066, AN0610040, AN0913067, AN0913068,  AN0610041, AN0913069, AN0913070, AN0410008,  AN0610042, AN0410009, AN0913071, AN0913072,  AN0610043, AN0212070, AN0913073, AN0913074,  AN0610044, AN0913075, AN0913076, AN0610045, AN0913077, AN0913078, AN0610046, AN0913079, AN0913080, AN0610047, AN0913081, AN0913082.
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    Nationwide Distribution including GA, NJ, NM, IL, CA, OK, CO, NY, LA, OH, FL, VA, MD, MS, TX, IA, AL, WA, TN, ME, CT, WI, AZ, NE, SC, NC and Puerto Rico.
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    Align Radial Stems, Prosthesis, Elbow, Hemi || Replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities presenting pain, crepitation, and decreased motion at the radio-humeral and/or proximal radio-ulnar joint with: Joint destruction and/or subluxation and resistance to conservative treatment. Intended use is also for primary replacement after fracture of the radial head and symptomatic sequelae after radial head resection.