medical washer


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    Serial Numbers: SEV0810077, SEV0537108, SEV0633084, W50030454, SEV0724143, SEV0724146, SEV0609110, W50044787, SEV0533068, W50042461, W50023731, W50023732, W50038744, W50028760, SEV0802081, W50015468, W50042473, W50045852, W50048201, W50041156, SEV0911139, SEV0832021, W50031347, SEV0538174, SEV0910190, SEV0734181, W50033518, SEV0802083, W50043877, W50015494, W50047828, SEV0633086, SEV0647025, SEV0650003, SEV0650004, SEV0534069, SEV0617130, W50011492, SEV0538177, W50010176, W50027826, SEV0743108, W50012356, SEV0614021, W50039525, SEV0619121, W50021052, W50025573, W50024233, W50010768, SEV0827061, SEV0738121, SEV0804079, SEV0806117, SEV0820063, SEV0820064, W50041988, SEV0727015, SEV0739202, SEV0906031, SEV0814068, SEV0805187, W50050381, W50050415, SEV0808424, SEV0626127, SEV0645102, SEV0710062, SEV0802086, SEV0815031, SEV0815032, W50027223, W50027224, SEV0826158, W50027541, W50043237, SEV0906032, W50012254, W50038229, W50014011, W50013832, W50012253, W50036280, W50036309, W50048577, SEV0537107, SEV0842075, SEV0750143, W50016365, SEV0808427, SEV0724139, SEV0724145, W50038722, SEV0908129, SEV0908130, SEV0649007, W50023502, SEV0842076, SEV0808429, SEV0837132, SEV0827051, W50027618, SEV0705085, SEV0705084, SEV0705083, W50026375, W50023804, W50014025, SEV0742115, W50028434, W50040964, W50019155, W50010908, W50013646, W50036143, W50045596, W50029312, W50029313, SEV0806118, W50028808, W50045860, W50014993, SEV0636055, SEV0738120, W50050491, W50028245, W50035227, W50048232, SEV0626230, W50023210, W50030137, SEV0808430, SEV0724144, SEV0534064, WAA053021, W50041067, W50030350, SEV0540080, W50045855, W50032192, W50029835, W50031507, SEV0739208, SEV0802085, SEV0622093, SEV0650002, SEV0619122, W50016086, W50039500, SEV0543058, SEV0910191, SEV0837135, W50018212, SEV0537103, WAA052845, SEV0605066, W50034170, SEV0524337, W50011160, W50011491, W50032801, W50015395, W50042391, SEV0547204, W50045890, W50047809, W50013644, W50013645, W50030121, W50021208, SEV0626228, SEV0851034, SEV0827047, SEV0552041, W50037851, SEV0833107, SEV0833108, SEV0833109, SEV0833110, SEV0833111, W50036056, W50036081, SEV0837131, W50015490, SEV0716176, SEV0716177, W50043774, W50023888, SEV0738132, SEV0827050, SEV0724140, W50015641, W50045601, W50024979, SEV0614035, W50016223, W50025076, SEV0815030, SEV0820065, W50016368, SEV0647023, SEV0909043, W50037190, SEV0642143, W50017770, SEV0537110, SEV0543054, SEV0538178, W50023488, SEV0614036, SEV0614037, SEV0533067, W50029860, W50029036, SEV0814067, SEV0851035, SEV0851036, W50013647, SEV0738001, SEV0739204, SEV0810081, SEV0533069, W50016222, SEV0906030, W50014012, W50019465, W50038218, SEV0521190, W50038730, SEV0826159, W50012251, SEV0738133, SEV0619119, SEV0649010, SEV0619120, SEV0614022, W50050577, W50041166, W50048183, W50017921, SEV0739205, SEV0749123, W50042459, SEV0524338, SEV0820049, SEV0640030, W50030144, W50030181, W50028247, W50014027, W50032581, W50013666, W50042946, W50045884, W50050574, W50013831, SEV0618050, SEV0618051, SEV0727034, SEV0534074, SEV0716188, W50010079, W50033538, W50047210, W50019156, W50032618, W50015495, W50036207, SEV0733024, W50021211, SEV0827056, W50043040, W50028248, W50028468, SEV0605063, SEV0815025, SEV0824064, SEV0808426, W50036147, W50017918, W50018215, W50030353, W50036140, WAA053036, SEV0724142, SEV0533065, W50035801, SEV0907057, W50045822, SEV0836007, W50028320, W50010906, W50028809, W50023209, W50048247, W50027514, SEV0739206, SEV0739209, SEV0626231, SEV0738131, W50038686, W50011489, W50011490, W50046986, SEV0633083, W50021142, SEV0907054, W50021143, SEV0716048, W50023897, SEV0907055, W50011159, SEV0647022, SEV0851037, SEV0907056, W50021141, SEV0826157, SEV0848144, SEV0621158, W50047960, SEV0633088, SEV0705086, SEV0727019, SEV0626121, SEV0626229, W50010177, SEV0738122, SEV0738123, SEV0521184, W50016376, SEV0633087, W50019467, W50015466, W50017920, W50033104, W50025852, W50016366, SEV0632078, SEV0543059, W50048551, W50035559, SEV0521191, SEV0515157, SEV0515159, SEV0548037, SEV0644133, SEV0727032, SEV0820048, SEV0844215, SEV0906028, SEV0906029, W50010905, W50015493, W50037099, W50037204, W50039512, W50042471, W50042478, W50050571,  W50050573, W50050578, WAA053175, SEV0618048, SEV0545170, SEV0724147, SEV0632079, SEV0827060, SEV0743107, SEV0820057, SEV0826160, W50029023, SEV0524334, W50011161, W50022983, W50045665, W50048002, W50012252, W50018216, W50018928,  W50019154, SEV0734183, W50050575, SEV0820050, W50027512, SEV0716185, SEV0820058, W50041125, SEV0605064, SEV0615074, SEV0649008, SEV0622094, W50016364, SEV0737120, W50038421, SEV0824063, W50017919, SEV0815033, W50033839, SEV0626126, SEV0808428, W50015496, SEV0533071, W50023733, SEV0716184, SEV0742118, SEV0727033, SEV0649009, SEV0810078, W50039166, SEV0618049, W50038256, SEV0536194, SEV0716183, SEV0613001, W50042222, W50043233, SEV0636042, SEV0636043, W50039286, W50017771, SEV0804077, SEV0633085, W50021356, W50021357, SEV0532062, W50020918, W50030145, W50038244, W50036145, SEV0626120, SEV0716175, W50023501, SEV0733032, SEV0734182, SEV0738002, W50010907, W50037207, SEV0708018, W50048219, W50014030, SEV0626234, SEV0738130, W50042491, SEV0543056, SEV0536195, SEV0543055, W50013311, W50028993, SEV0739203, SEV0613098, SEV0739207, SEV0647024, W50035975, SEV0708019, SEV0702017, SEV0805191, SEV0521192, SEV0910192, W50041173, SEV0842074, W50021214, SEV0723112, W50037115, SEV0833100, SEV0833101, SEV0833102, SEV0833103, SEV0833104, W50017914, W50024126, W50029644, SEV0637017, SEV0605065, SEV0724138, W50037201, SEV0536197, W50045549, W50048239, W50011158, SEV0834133, SEV0708020, SEV0710061, SEV0849100, W50017917, W50030122, W50023198, W50018213, W50018214, SEV0533070, SEV0612048, SEV0632080, SEV0727018, SEV0537104, SEV0524333, W50024980, SEV0808423, SEV0734180, W50024130, W50024131, SEV0626125, W50035799, W50015488, SEV0827046, SEV0613100, SEV0615042, SEV0637018, SEV0543057, SEV0810080, W50021145, SEV0548036, SEV0606022, W50028246, W50028112, W50028113, W50027222, W50033877, SEV0908131, W50029035, SEV0827045, W50024981, SEV0521186, SEV0538173, SEV0827057, W50013312, SEV0626232, SEV0613099, W50016367, SEV0626233, W50018929, SEV0911140, SEV0911141, W50015398, SEV0521187, W50041062, SEV0524327, WAA052236, SEV0910189, W50021210, W50030183, SEV0804078, SEV0808425, SEV0626119, SEV0724141, W50047838, W50015491, SEV0643166, SEV0802082 --- Canadian Units: SEV0538175, SEV0613101, W50030182, W50030412.
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  • Distribución
    Distributed US (nationwide) and the country of Canada.
  • Descripción del producto
    GETINGE 46-SERIES Medical Washer-Disinfector, Models 46-4 and 46-5, with PACS 300/350 Control Series with dryer --- Class II, exempt from 510(k) requirements. || For use in healthcare facilities and laboratories where reusable items such as instruments, utensils, anesthesia sets, and glassware are handled for decontamination purposes.
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