Sutures and surgical ligatures Cardioxyl / Cardioflon

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    For CARDIOFLON: 19P20Q, 19P30AC, 19P30AE, 19P30AK, 19P30AN, 19P30AQ, 19P30N, 19P30R, 19P30S, 19P30T, || 19P30U, 19P30V, 19P30X, 19S15A, 19S15G, 19S20J, 19S20R, || 19S30AB, 19S30AE, 19S30AK, 19S30AQ, 19S30AW, 19S30AX, || 19S30AY, 19S30B, 19S30C, 19S30Z, 19S35A. For || CARDIOXYL: 73P20B, 73P30AA, 73P30AG, 73P30AI, || 73P30AM, 73P30AN, 73P30BQ, 73P30CN, 73P30CR, 73P30D, || 73P30E, 73P30F, 73P30O, 73P30P, 73P30Q, 73P30R, 73P30T, || 73P30U, 73P30V, 73P30U, 73P30Y, 73P35E, 73S10H, || 73S30AE, 73S30AT ", specific lots.
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    Used in cardiovascular surgery, ring and heart valve implant, patch implant, thoracic drainage safety, EEC to secure the cannulas, rib and sternal opening.
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  • Empresa matriz del fabricante (2017)
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