VITROS Chemistry Products Vapor Adsorption Cartridge


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    In-vitro diagnostics - equipment / products for clinical chemistry
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    CAT No. 680 0100; the cartridges do not have lot numbers.
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    Worldwide Distribution, including Nationwide (USA) and the countries of AU, GM, FR, IT, SP, BR, BM, AR, CA, JA, MX, UK, CH, CL, CO, IN, EC, PE, PY, PA, PT, NZ, SG, VE and UY.
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    Ortho Clinical Diagnostics VITROS¿ Chemistry Products Vapor Adsorption Cartridge REF/CAT No. 680 0100. VITROS¿ Vapor Adsorption Cartridges are used to remove vapor contaminants that may potentially interfere with Signal Reagent used with MicroWell Assays on the VITROS¿ 3600, VITROS¿ 5600, and VITROS¿ ECi/ECiQ Systems.
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