Device Recall Allen CFlex Head Positioner

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    A128573, A157480, A164957, A165624, A179587, A200505, A200508, A203121, A203123, A203124, A203126, A205717, A205730, A205731, A207969, A207970, A207971, A207973, A208274, A208275, A208277, A208278, A208932, A208933, A208934, A209578, A210915, A210916, A210917, A210919, A210920, A214252, A214253, A214254, A214255, A214256, A214582, A214583, A214584, A215498, A215489, A215499, A215500, A216459, A216460, A216461, A217594, A217595, A217596, A217597, A218945, A219496, A219623, A219624, A220031, A220032, A220033, A220664, A220665, A222121, A222122, A222123, A222394, A223961, A223962, A223963, A223964, A224084, A224085, A224144, A224145, A225106, A225107, A225553, A225554, A22555, A225972, A225973, A226214, A226215, A226216, A226217, A226218, A226910
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    Worldwide Distribution -- USA (nationwide ) and the countries of Africa, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, India, Istanbul, France, Greece, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia,Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and Japan.
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    Allen C-Flex Head Positioning System non-invasive medical device used to support a patient's head during spine surgery || Catalog Numbers: A-70700 and A-70701-2
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    Allen Medical Systems, Inc., One Post Office Square, Acton MA 01720
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