18 gage XTW needles

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    Lot numbers S25589, S25590, S25756, S25769, S25787, S25909, S25910X1, S25911, S25924, S25948, S25949, S25950, S25951, S25972, S25973, S25974, S25975, S25996, S25997, S25998, S26001, S26002, S26003, S26009, S26010, S26011, S26012, S26039,S26040, S26044, S26045, S26058, S26059, S26060, S26063, S26064,S26088, S26089, S26092, S26095, S26102, S26146, S26177, S26178, S26182, S26183, S26198, S26203, S26214, S26217, S26218, S26230, and S26345.
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    Nationwide distribution via distributors in CA, MA, and MN.
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    18 gage XTW needles, sold as a component in SafeSheath Hemostatic Tear-away Introducer System with Infusion Side Port kits or sold Bulk Non Sterile (BNS).
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    Thomas Medical Products Inc, 65 Great Valley Pkwy, Malvern PA 19355-1302
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