Device Recall Denali Filter Femoral Delivery System

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    Product # Lot # DL900F GFZJ0276 DL900F GFZJ0278 DL900F GFZJ0277 DL900F GFZJ0279 DL900F GFZJ0421 DL900F GFZJ0425 DL900F GFZJ0430 DL900F GFZJ0432 DL900F GFZJ0429 DL950F GFZJ0223 DL900F GFZJ0433 DL900F GFZJ0434 DL950F GFZJ1174 DL900F GFZJ0436 DL900F GFZJ0435 DL900F GFZJ0442 DL900F GFZJ0443 DL900F GFZK0287 DL900F GFZJ0446 DL900F GFZK0291 DL900F GFZK0288 DL900F GFZJ0444 DL900F GFZK0290 DL900F GFZK0289 DL900F GFZK0292 DL900F GFZK0294 DL900F GFZK0296 DL900F GFZK0293 DL900F GFZK0294 DL900F GFZK0297 DL900F GFZK0295 DL900F GFZK0299 DL900F GFZK0298 DL900F GFZK0300 DL900F GFZK0301 DL900F GFZK0302 DL900F GFZK0351 DL900F GFZK0352 DL900F GFZK0356 DL900F GFZK0355 DL900F GFZK0357 DL900F GFZK0337 DL900F GFZK0354 DL900F GFZK0338 DL900F GFZK0364 DL900F GFZK0339 DL950F GFZK2368 DL900F GFZK3526 DL900F GFZK0367 DL900F GFZK3527 DL900F GFZK3524 DL900F GFZK3525 DL900F GFZK0328 DL900F GFZK0330 DL900F GFZK0331 DL900F GFZK0332 DL900F GFZK0333 DL900F GFZK0334 DL900F GFZK3523 DL900F GFZK0336 DL900F GFZK0335 DL900F GFZK3528 DL900F GFZK3529 DL900F GFZK3530 DL900F GFZK3538 DL900F GFZK3543 DL950F GFZK2369
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    Worldwide Distribution-US (nationwide) including DC and PR, and the states of MN, TX, PA, OH, IL, OR, CA, SC, NC, AK, NY, MD, GA, NJ, AZ, KY, OH, WI, AL, AR, MO, FL, MA, MT, TN, LA, CT, NE, WV, VA, NV, ME, UT, CO, WY, AR, DE, NM, IN, MN, MS, NH, IA, MI, WA, VA, KS, HI, RI, SD, VT, and the countries of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Chile.
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    Denali Filter-Femoral Delivery System || Product Code: DL900F/DL950F; || Indicated for use in the prevention of recurrent pulmonary embolism via placement in the vena cava.
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    Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc, 1625 W 3rd St, Tempe AZ 85281-2438
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