Device Recall Welch Allyn Acuity Central Monitoring Station

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    CPU Serial Numbers: LT00001-LT000015, LT000017-LT000019, TA00274, TA00415, TA00415-HA, TA00468, TA00554, TA00582, TA 00587, TA00587-HA, TA00639, TA00738, TA00745, TA00854, TA00856, TA00861, TA00880, TA00889, TA00891, TA01200, TA01217, TA01218, TA01253, TA01278, TA01279, TA01286, TA01304, TA01306, TA01327, TA01359, TA01359-HA, TA01387, TA01387-HA, TA01388-TA01398, TA01391HA, TA01400-TA01411, TA01413-TA01423, TA01426-TA01435, TA01433-HA, TA01438--TA01446, TA01448-TA01455, TA01453-HA, TA01457-TA01461, TA01463, TA01463-HA, TA01464, TA01466-TA01469, TA01471-TA01480, TA01473-HA, TA01478-HA, TA01481-HA, TA01482-TA01486, TA01484-HA, TA01485-HA, TA01488, TA01488-HA, TA01490-TA01493, TA01493-HA, TA01499-TA01515, TA01508-HA, TA01509-HA, TA01510-HA, TA01515-HA, TA01517-TA01526, TA01522-HA, TA01523-HA, TA01525-TA01528, TA01530-TA01546, TA01534-HA, TA01535-HA, TA01536-HA, TA01537-HA, TA01544-HA, TA01548-TA01550, TA01552--TA01561, TA01561-HA, TA01563-TA01570, TA01567-HA, TA01568-HA, TA01574.
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    The firm distributes the product nationwide and internationally.
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    Welch Allyn Acuity Central Monitoring Station (With SunBlade Model 150,650 MHZ. Part # 700-0362-00
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    Welch Allyn Protocol, Inc, 8500 SW Creekside Pl, Beaverton OR 97008-7107
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