Device Recall Zoll Auto Pulse Resuscitation System

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    Model 100; AutoPulse product number 8700-0700-xx AutoPulse 1.5G; AutoPulse Battery Part Number 8799-0702-xx
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    Nationwide Distribution -- including, VA, NY, OH, IN, MO, UT, FL, NC, ME, WA, SD, NM, PA, MS, ID, TX, GA, CA, CO, IL, AR, WV, TN, OR, and KS.
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    Zoll Auto Pulse Resuscitation System; Zoll Circulation Inc., Sunnyvale, CA 94085 || Cardiac Compressor used as an adjunct to manual CPR. Use of AutoPulse is intended to reduce the impact of rescuer fatigue and enable rescuer to address other patient needs.
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    Zoll Circulation, Inc., 650 Almanor Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94085-3513
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