OneTouch SureSoft Lancing Device

  • Modelo / Serial
    Part Number 021-139-01 OT SureSoft Hospital, Regular 200, Lot numbers, SW2764, SW3427, SW2779, SW2785, SW3339, SW3342, SW3394, SW3395.    Part number 021-140-01, OT SureSoft Hospital, Gentle 200, Lot numbers, SW2846, SW2833, SW2774, SW2868, SW2834, SW2765, SW2869, SW2894, SW2896.
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    Product was distributed to a total of 21 direct consignees and 45 end-user customers, for a total of 66 consignees in both the US and canada.
  • Descripción del producto
    LifeScan OneTouch SureSoft Lancing Device, single use lancing device.
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    Lifescan Inc, 1000 Gibraltar Dr, Milpitas CA 95035-6301
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