Device Recall 24mm Rotating CMount Coupler

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    Model Number: 1088-020-121S2 Lot Numbers:  Shipped: 07L046134, 07L046144, 07L046154, 07L046164, 07L046184, 07L046194, 07L046214, 07L046224, 07L046234, 07L046244, 07L046254, 07L046274, 07L046284, 07L046294, 07L046304, 07L046324, 07L046334, 07L046344, 07L046364, 07L046374, 07L046384, 07L046394, 07L046404, 07L046414, 07L046424, 07L046454, 07L046464, and 07L046474.
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    Product was delivered to one consignee in Iowa.
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    24mm Rotating C-Mount Coupler, Model Number 1088-020-121S2. The device in indicated for use in general laparoscopy, nasopharyngoscopy, ear endoscopy, sinuscopy, and plastic surgery wherever a laparoscope, endoscope or arthroscope is indicated for use.
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    Stryker Endoscopy, 5900 Optical Ct, San Jose CA 95138
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