Device Recall MediChoice Rayon Tipped OB/GYN Applicator

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    Item # Lot#  WOD5001 1206DG13A  WOD5001 1206DG13B  WOD5001 1207DG13A  WOD5001 1208DG13A  WOD5001 1209DG13A  WOD5001 1210DG13A/B  WOD5001 1211DG13A  WOD5001 1212DG13A  WOD5001 1301DG13A  WOD5001 1303DG13A    WOD5002 1206DG14A  WOD5002 1208DG14A  WOD5002 1209DG14A  WOD5002 1211DG14A   Expiration Dates: 2017-05, 2017-06, 2017-06, 2017-07, 2017-08, 2017-09, 2017-10, 2017-11, 2018-02.
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    US Nationwide Distribution.
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    MediChoice¿ Rayon Tipped OB/GYN Applicator, 8 inch, Plastic Shaft, Non-Sterile, Item Numbers WOD5001 and WOD5002. || Product Usage: Usage: || An absorbent tipped applicator is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of an absorbent swab on a wooden, paper, or plastic stick. The device is used to apply medications to, or to take specimens from, a patient.
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    Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc., 9120 Lockwood Blvd, Mechanicsville VA 23116-2015
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