Device Recall Coated BioEye Orbital Implant w/Conformer.

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    Lot/Unit Codes: 32764, 35906, 35907, 35908, 36307, 36308, 36309, 36315, 36316, 36364, 36430, 36431, 36469, 36470, 36471, 36476, 49216, 54304, 54569, 63449, 63450, 63710, 63803.
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of nationwide and worldwide to: Japan, Greece, Germany, Romania, UAE, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Denmark, UK, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, India, South Africa, and Singapore.
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    Product Brand Name: Coated Bio-Eye Orbital Implant w/Conformer. || Product Generic Name: Implant, Eye Sphere Wrap, Implant, Orbital. || Model Number: I0016C, I0018C, I0020C, I0022C, I0024C. || Description of the product: The Coated Bio-Eye consists of a coralline hydroxyapatite sphere encased in a resorbable shell that aids in || implant insertion and provides a means of securing muscles to the implant. || The Coated Bio-Eye Orbital Implant is indicated in orbital implantation following enucleation, or as a secondary orbital implant following extrusion, migration or rotation of primary orbital implants. It is indicated in any situation where materials such as silicone, acrylic, polyethylene or glass orbital implants would be used.
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    Integrated Orbital Implants Inc, 12625 High Bluff Dr Ste 314, San Diego CA 92130-2054
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