Device Recall Ocular Motility Peg system

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    Lot number: M-50021 Product is not serialized.  Note: Lot code assigned by the contract manufacturing firm.
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    Worldwide, including USA, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Taiwan & Romania.
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    Perry-Kolberg Titanium Motility/Support System (Threaded Sleeve and Flat Peg), Model Number 100045 || The threaded sleeve and flat peg are two components of the P-K Titanium Motility/Support System. The threaded sleeve is an externally threaded cylinder and an internal drilled hole designed to receive a peg. It is placed in the Bioeye Hydroxyapatite Implant with the use of the P-K Titanium threaded sleeve wrench after a hole has been prepared in the implant by drilling with a series of hypodermic needles of gradually increasing sizes. After the threaded sleeve is placed in the implant, any of the P-K Pegs can be inserted. || The affected model which is the subject of this recall comes with the flat peg.
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    Integrated Orbital Implants Inc, 12625 High Bluff Dr Ste 314, San Diego CA 92130-2054
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