Device Recall Private Eyes

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    Unknown. The firm failed to establish a lot numbering system for the theatrical contact lenses. The majority of the vials in stock at the firm have lot number BB43.
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    MA, TX, WA.
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    Private Eyes, Diam 14.0 BC 8.6, Contents: one sterile daily wear soft contact lenses, 38% water, 62% polymacon, immersed in 0.9% buffered saline solution USP, Manufactured by Soft Lens Technology, Lot BB43 Expiration Date 08/06, Cosmetic Use Daily Wear ***Decorative Theatrical Contact Lenses, packed in vials labeled sterile. Types include: Zombie, Banshee, Green Leaf, Green Reptile, White Cat, Manson, Green Rave, Moon & Stars, Blackwolf, Fire, Black Out, Pink Rave, Spiral, Flower Power, Starfire, Yellow Cat Eye, Computer Chip, Target, Red Cat, Blue Rave, Smiley, White Snowflake and Red Vampire..
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    The Contact Lens Store, Inc., 638 Church Street, Marietta GA 30060
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