Next Generation Laser

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    Serial Numbers 0801438901X, 0801481701X2, 0801591601X2, 0801591701X1, 0801591801X1, 0801692701X1, 0801717801X3, 0801717901X, 0801718001X1, 0801718101X, 0801718201X, 0801763401X1, 0801763601X, 0801817201X, 0801817601X, 0801844601X1, 0801844701X1, 0801844801X1, 0801844901X, 0801845001X1, 0801887201X, 0801887501X, 0801887601X, 0801965801X, 0801965901X, 0801966001X, 0802057301X, 0802057501X, 0802244501X, 0802244701X, 0802245101X, 0802480501X, 0802480901X, 0802484101X, 0802514101X, 0802529501X, 0802570101X, 0801887401X, 0802244301X, 0801439201X, and 0802244901X,
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    Worldwide Distribution --- USA including states of IL, WI, TX, MI, PA, NY, CT, SC, NC, LA, FL, GA, CA, OR, WA, CO, and NV, and countries of India, Bulgaria, Barbados, and Dominican Republic.
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    PurePoint System Operator's Manual, Catalog Number 8065751131, Rev. B for use with the Alcon PurePoint Laser, Catalog Number 8065750597 || Indicated for use in photocoagulation of both anterior and posterior segments of the eye.
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    Alcon Laboratories, Inc., 15800 Alton Pkwy, Irvine CA 92618
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