DRLock Bone Fixation Plate systems

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    LOT NUMBERS: R330, R342, and R343 for styles DRV-002-0R, DRV-002-0L, DRV-002-1R, DRV-002-1L of Bone Fixation Plates-----ALL LOTS of Distal Screws with the following part numbers : DRV-021-24-10; DRV-021-24-12; DRV-021-24-14; DRV-021-24-16; DRV-021-24-18; DRV-021-24-20; DRV-021-24-22; & DRV-021-24-24.-----ALL LOTS of Distal Pegs with the following part numbers : DRV-121-20-10; DRV-121-20-12; DRV-121-20-14; DRV-121-20-16; DRV-121-20-18; DRV-121-20-20; DRV-121-20-22; & DRV-121-20-24.
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    Nationwide; including states of IL, CA, VA, TX, MD, UT, GA, CO, NJ, OH, & WI.
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    DRL System Trays comprised of DRLock Bone Fixation Plates, Pegs, and Screw Systems: Four Plate Styles include: Part Numbers: DRV-002-0L Fixed Short Left Plate, DRV-002-0R , Fixed Short Right Plate, DRV-002-1L, Fixed Standard Left Plate, and DRV-002-1R, Fixed Standard Right Plate; Distal Screw Part Numbers: DRV-021-24-10, -12, -14, -16, -18, -20, -22 and -24; Distal Peg Part Number: DRV-121-20-10, -12, -14, -16, -18, -20, -22, and -24; All screw caddies and any distal screw and peg inventory not yet added to screw caddies, Ortho Helix Surgical Designs, Inc., Akron, OH
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    OrthoHelix Surgical Designs Inc, 1815 W Market St Ste 205, Akron OH 44313-7018
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