Device Recall RS4i Sequential Stimulator;

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    Device is labeled as 4i and a unique sequential six-digit number. 4i is specific for RS 4i device and six-digit sequential numbering for device. Serial numbers 4i300000 to 4i467119.
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    The device is labeled in part: " RS Medical RS-4i Stimulator". The device is sold in a kit that includes a carrying case, connector cables, pads (electrodes), battery charger, patient document, instructional DVD, return mail bag, and the operation manual. || This device is used with cables and electrodes that are placed on skin in the treatment area, and allow an electrical micro-current to relieve pain. The device requires a prescription from a physician. It is programmed by an RS medical employee (or Account Manager) to the physician's specific treatment plan for each patient. The patient is given instructions on how to utilize the device (proper electrode placement). Powered MUSCLE Stimulation indications for use including: 1) Relax muscle spasm. 2) Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy. 3) Maintain or increase range of motion. 4) Increase local blood circulation. 5) Re-educate muscle. 6) Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis. INTERFERENTIAL Stimulation indications for use including: 1) Relieve acute pain. 2) Relieve and manage chronic pain.
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