Device Recall IMPAC / Elekta Medicals Sequencer

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    LANTIS Commander. Part Number 4503178; LANTIS system, Part Number 5835991; LANTIS 6.1 Commander, Part Number 5493072; LANTIS 8.3 Commander, Part Number 8148178  Linac Interface, other vendors: Part Number 4504994; LANTIS Varian Clinac, Part Number 1929251; LANTIS GE Saturn, Part Number: 1929277; LANTIS Philips SLS, Part Number 4507203; LANTIS Philips 75 ASU, Part Number 5494120; LANTIC Elekta (Philips), Part Number 5502880; LANTIS Varian EX I/F, Part Number 5846220.
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    Worldwide Distribution: Nationwide (USA) including the states of MI, DE, WI, FL, CA, TN, NJ, PA, NE, IL, WV , MA and VA; and the countries of Poland, France, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Egypt, P.R. china, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Republic Korea, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia, and Spain.
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    LANTIS Oncology Information System (OIS) || Manufactured by IMPAC/Elekta medical as Multi -Access OIS for Siemens. || An oncology digital imaging information management system. Lantis OIS in combination with Sequencer and a non-Siemens linac interface. || System components include: LANTIS Commander, LANTIS system, LANTIS 6.1 Commander, LANTIS 8.3 Commander. || Subcomponents include: Linac Interface, other vendor, LANTIS Varian Clinac, LANTIS GE Saturn, LANTIS Philips SLS, || LANTIS Philips 75 ASU, LANTIS Elekta (Philips) and LANTIS Varian EX I/F.
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    Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc, 4040 Nelson Ave, Concord CA 94520-1200
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