Device Recall Olympus ImageManager Software

  • Modelo / Serial
    Versions 6.0 through 6.4.1 (excluding version 6.3.8)
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  • Distribución
    Medical facilities (end users) nationwide and Puerto Rico, plus 5 foreign accounts located in Canada, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile.
  • Descripción del producto
    Brand name: Olympus ImageManager Software, Versions 6.0 through 6.4.1 (excluding version 6.3.8) || Common name: Medical image storage device. Class I, 510 (k) exempt. (NOTE: any ImageManager Software sold as a stand-alone system is not impacted by this software malfunction since no opportunity exists for any image cross-linking. It is a condition of the software malfunction that the observed image crosslink results from the collision of data files from two separate ImageManager computers.)
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    Olympus America Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville NY 11747
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