iCat Classic, 3D Dental Imaging System

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    Serial Numbers: ICU070427, ICU070428, ICU070429, ICU070430, ICU070432, ICU070433, ICU070434, ICU070435, ICU070436, ICU070437, ICU070438, ICU070439, ICU070440, ICU070441, ICU070442, ICU070443, ICU070445, ICU070446, ICU070447, ICU070448, ICU070449, ICU070451, ICU070452, ICU070453, ICU070454, ICU070455, ICU070456, ICU070457, ICU070458, ICU070459, ICU070460, ICU070461, ICU070462, ICU070463, ICU070464, ICU070465, ICU070466, ICU070467, ICU070468, ICU070469, ICU070470, ICU070471, ICU070472, ICU070473, ICU070474, ICU070475, ICU070476, ICU070477, ICU070478, ICU070479, ICU070480, ICU070481, ICU070482, ICU070483, ICU070484, ICU070485, ICU070486, ICU070487, ICU070488, ICU070489, ICU070490, ICU070491, ICU070492, ICU070493, ICU070494, ICU070495, ICU070497, ICU070498, ICU070499, ICU070500, ICU070501, ICU070502, ICU070503, ICU070505, ICU070506, ICU070507, ICU070508, ICU070509, ICU070510, ICU070512, ICU070513, ICU070514, ICU070515, ICU070516, ICU070517, ICU070518, ICU070519, ICU070520, ICU070521, ICU070522, ICU070523, ICU070524, ICU070525, ICU070527, ICU070528, ICU070529, ICU070530, ICU070531 and ICU070532.
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    Worldwide Distribution -- Including the United States, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan.
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    i-Cat Classic, 3D Dental Imaging System manufactured by Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, PA. || To be used whenever a dentis, oral surgeon or other physician needs 3D information of high contrast objects.
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    Imaging Sciences International, LLC, 1910 North Penn Rd, Hatfield PA 19440-1960
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