Radiomat Lightweight Cassettes

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    Product Code: EHYG2, Model: 14x17 Green RE 400 Screens and Cassettes, Product Code: EHYCT, Model: 14x17 Green RE 100 Screens and Cassettes, Product Code: EHX5C, Model: 14x17 Blue RE 800 Screens and Cassettes,  Batch number are a combination of 4 letters/numbers xxyy, where xx varies alphabetically form 6N and 6Z and from 7A to &N; and yy is a number from 01 through 31. Batch numbers are located both on the cassette shell and on the outer label.
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    Nationwide, Canada
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    Radiomat Lightweight Cassettes
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    AGFA Corp., 10 S Academy St, Greenville SC 29601-2632
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