Retiro De Equipo (Recall) de Device Recall Biomerieux

Según U.S. Food and Drug Administration, este evento ( retiro de equipo (recall) ) involucró a un dispositivo médico en United States que fue producido por BioMerieux SA.

¿Qué es esto?

Una corrección al equipo o acción de retiro tomada por el fabricante para abordar un problema con un dispositivo médico. Los retiros (recalls) ocurren cuando un dispositivo médico está defectuoso, cuando puede poner en riesgo la salud, o cuando simultáneamente está defectuoso y puede poner en riesgo la salud.

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    Class 2
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    Open, Classified
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
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    Slide stainer, automated - Product Code KPA
  • Causa
    A shipment to guadeloupe suffered a temperature excursions up to 47.8¿c, exceeding the acceptable limits. after detection of the issue, global supply chain qa asked the biom¿rieux distributor in guadeloupe to put products in quarantine in july 2017; after several reminders, the distributor informed in november 2017 that products were delivered to customers.
  • Acción
    The firm, Biomerieux, sent an "Urgent product removal notice" letter on April 23 to affected customers. The letter described the product, problem and actions to be taken. The customers were instructed to do the following: 1. Immediately acknowledge receipt (AR) of this FSCA. 2. Identify all countries and customers for which you are responsible that are impacted by this FSCA. 3. Define additional actions required (e.g. Translate customer letter, send to impacted countries/customers, etc.) 4. Distribute the customer letter to all customers that have received the products 5. Discard any impacted product remaining in local inventory 6. After all actions above are complete, please return the acknowledgement of completion (AC) for this FSCA. The due date for completion of the required actions and submitting the AC is 23-APR-2018 Subsidiaries ¿ Subsidiaries using SAP, please manage both the Acknowledgment of Receipt and the Acknowledgment of Completion of activities in SAP. ¿ Subsidiaries not using SAP, please immediately upload the Acknowledgement of Receipt in LiveLink after signing and completing sections #1 and #2. Section #3 must be signed, completed and uploaded in LiveLink before the due date. Distributors ¿ Please immediately Acknowledge Receipt of this FSCA by completing sections #1 and #2 of the acknowledgement form and sending it by email to or by fax to +33 4 78 87 21 79. Please remember to sign and complete all of sections #1 and #2. ¿ Sections #1 and #3 must be signed, completed, faxed or emailed before the due date. If you have any questions, contact the Specialist, Regulatory & Quality Compliance at +33 4 78 87 56 16 or email to:


  • Modelo / Serial
    Reagents for use with the PREVI¿ Color Gram:  IODINE-B (ref: 29523) Lot number: G59407 Exp. 15-Aug-18 CRYSTAL VIOLET-C (ref: 29524) Lot number: G52306 Exp.19-Jul-18 FUCHSIN-A (ref: 29522): Lot Number Lot number: F89544 Exp. 13-Apr-18
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    International distribution.
  • Descripción del producto
    The PREVI¿ Color Gram dyes are used with the PREVI¿ Color Gram instrument to stain bacterial and fungal microorganisms for direct examination, according to Gram s method. || The PREVI¿ Color Gram instrument sprays the PREVI¿ Color Gram reagents onto microscope slides which have been smeared with specimens to be examined. The staining procedure is rapid and precise. Each reagent has a specific position (A, B, C, D, E) on the PREVI¿ Color Gram platform that is also indicated on the reagent label. || An automated slide stainer is a device used to stain histology, cytology, and hematology slides for diagnosis.
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    BioMerieux SA, Chemin De L'Orme, Marcy L'Etoile France
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