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    Part No. 32291, Kit 33372, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333720 (anthracite 50); Part No. 32292, Kit 33374, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333744 (ebony 50); Part No. 32293, Kit 33375, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333751 (black 50); Part No. 32294, Kit 33376, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333768 (white 50); Part No. 32295, Kit 33377, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333775 (beige 50) and Part No. 32296, Kit 33378, Kit UDI - Primary ID: 09008737333782 (grey 50).
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Nationwide in the states of CA, NC and TX; and the countries of Belgium, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.
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    SONNET Mini Battery Pack CableProduct Usage: || The SONNET Mini Battery Pack Cable is part of the SONNET Mini Battery Pack, which is an external battery pack used to power one MED-EL SONNET control unit. It can be worn on the upper body or the hip using different SONNET Mini Battery Pack Cable lengths to connect the SONNET Mini Battery Pack to one processor unit.