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  • Modelo / Serial
    Product Code PB-M-10, Lots 140901J-A, 150228PB10, 150509PB10, 150510PB10; Product Code PB-M-11P, Lots 140901J-B, 150227PB11, 150318PB11, 150509PB11, 150510PB11; Product Code PB-M-15, Lots 140901J-C, 150226PB15, 150326PB15, 150511PB15, 150512PB15, 150529PB15.
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  • Distribución
    Worldwide distribution to U.S. nationwide, Germany and England.
  • Descripción del producto
    PenBlade Safety Scalpel, for the incision of human skin and tissue, and to cut or trim sutures and catheters up to 6Fr. Models PB-M-10, PB-M-11P, PB-M-15