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    Serial numbers WFD5373, WFD5374, WFD5375, WFD5376, WFD5377, WFD5378, WFD5379,WFD5380, WFD5381, WFD5382, WFD5383, WFD5384, WFD5385, WFD5386, WFD5387, WFD5388, WFD5389, WFD5390, WFD5392, WFD5393, WFD5394,WFD5395, WFD5396, WFD5398, WFD5399, WFD5400, WFD5401, WFD5402, WFD5403, WFD5404, WFD5405, WFD5406, WFD5407, WFD5408, WFD5409,WFD5410, WFD5411, WFD5412, WFD5413, WFD5414, WFD5415, WFD5416, WFD5417, WFD5418, WFD5419, WFD5420, WFD5421, WFD5422, WFD5423,\/VFD5424, VVFD5425, WFD5426, WFD5427, WFD5428, WFD5429, WFD5431, WFD5432, WFD5435, WFD5436, WFD5437, WFD5438, and WFD5439.
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    Nationwide Distribution -- MA and MD.
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    The Well@Home Monitor by Patient Care technologies || Model 179-2150 || Intended to be used as a clinical tool for remotely monitoring a patient's health status at home or in another healthcare facility on a spot check basis.
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    Zoe Medical Incorporated, 460 Boston St, Topsfield MA 01983-1223
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