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  • Modelo / Serial
    In-Line Blood Set with FilterProduct Code: MMC2433Multiple Lot NumbersARTG Number: 108533(Baxter Healthcare - Blood transfusion set)
  • Modelo / Serial
    FLOSEAL Special Applicator TipsProduct Code: 1502186Box Lot Number: HA170818 Pouch Lot Numbers: GR338160 (expiry 31 May 2019) and GR338384 (expiry 30 June 2019)ARTG Number: 167776(Baxter Healthcare - Haematological concentrate system applicator, endoscopic)
  • Modelo / Serial
    Prismaflex Control Units Product Codes: 955052, 114870, 114489, 107493, 113082, 113874All serial numbers of the above product are affectedARTG Number: 142047(Baxter Healthcare - Prismaflex - Therapeutic plasma exchange system)
  • Modelo / Serial
    Ultrafilter U9000 for use with AK96 and AK98 v1 dialysis machinesProduct Code:112062Lot numbers: 6-1907-H-01 and higher (all unexpired units)ARTG Number: 131741(Baxter Healthcare - Filter, intravenous line)
  • Modelo / Serial
    Compounded Medications within CADD Medication Non-flow stop Cassette Reservoirs
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